Legumes, Rice, Fair Trade Rice, Flours, Fair Trade Sugar, Nuts, Dehydrated Fruit, Pasta, Seeds, Prepared legumes and Biomix.


“Legumes, rice, nuts, …, have always been present in the diet of all peoples, are the oldest food on our plate, the most ecological source of protein for our body.”

The Andalusian company, with BIOLES brand, is located in Alameda (Málaga – Spain). The natural environment in which the municipality is framed is characterized by the Natural Reserve of the Laguna de la Ratosa. This endorheic basin is surrounded by olive groves, cereals, legumes and perilagunar vegetation (reeds and rushes), and also houses numerous species of protected birds (pink flamingo, heron, sage, mallard, etc).


The brand BIOLES was born as a company, which is dedicated to packing organic food products. Organic BIOLES products guarantee that they reach the consumer with all their organoleptic qualities intact, in perfect quality conditions and suitable for a healthy and balanced diet.


The containers are in harmony with the product and with the idea of ecology: micro-channel cardboard, cloth sack, paper bag and jute bag.

All our products are packaged in the same facilities, so they may contain traces of: Nuts, soy, sesame and gluten.